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The 5 C's of Successful Aging

According to author Mitch Anthony, author of The New Retirementality, successful aging means living with vitality, continuing to challenge oneself mentally and physically, continuing to move forward, keep going, and try new things, and treating oneself as if he has many more years to live.

“The 5 C’s of Successful Aging” according to Mitch Anthony are:

Curiosity: Learning new things and growing your awareness. Challenge: Keeping your mind sharp by trying something new. Connectivity: Living and working in close proximity to friends and family. Creativity: Finding ways to solve problems, make something new, or fix things. Charity: Giving ourselves or our resources to help others.

Ask yourself: What is something you are curious about that you could learn more about? What is something new or challenging you could begin to pursue? Who do you want to connect with in the coming months and years? What is one problem or project you want to fix or finish? What is one cause that matters to you that you could become more involved with in the coming months and years?

One of the ways retirees can begin to envision a successful aging into their future is to picture someone who has aged well. Anthony refers to these individuals as “retirementors.” They set the example for how to approach this new, final season of life. They go and do something with their retirements. They use their time and energy for their good and the good of others.

Who is someone you could look to as a “retirementor”?


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Jada Hudson
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