First Responder Counseling

Jada Hudson, M.S., LCPC, CADC, is a clinically-trained therapist with over 20 years experience. She has her Master’s in Clinical Psychology and has devoted her career to become uniquely qualified to counsel first responders, using evidence-based treatments to help them heal, grow, and live. Jada comes from a family of first responders and has attended numerous ride-alongs with both fire and police. She has completed many first responder trainings after seeking out specific first responder experts. Jada is honored to be uniquely qualified to counsel this specific population. Jada also serves as the Clinical Consultant for Operation Shattered Stars. She is a certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, a Certified Recovery Coach, and she has been trained in Crisis De-Escalation Techniques. She also served as the former Clinical Director of Program Development for the Illinois Firefighter Peer Support Team.


Jada's specialties in counseling first responders include:



I respect that when first responders need to talk, they often need to talk to someone as soon as possible. That’s why I make it a priority to meet with you as soon as possible when a need arises. I also pledge to keep myself current in the latest research for first responder emotional wellness.

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive

but those who are the most adaptable."


Jada is a nationally recognized first responder subject matter expert. She has presented for first responders across the country including National Fire Academy and FDIC. Her extensive experience and research have led her to be published in Fire Engineering Magazine and Fire Rescue Magazine, as well as build her own archive of helpful articles.

Thinking Man on Couch


Are You Afraid to Be Alone with Your Thoughts?

Listen as Jada shares her insight with the Code3 Podcast into why first responders stay busy at work and around the house, in order to avoid facing their thoughts.

Sunset Run


When Firefighters

Are Too Busy

Jada gives advice to first responders about the importance of balancing free time, not being afraid to be alone, and allowing time for self care and healing.



First Responder

Leadership & PTSD

As seen in Fire Engineering, Jada describes the influence that can be had over subordinates to prepare them, lead them, and help them cope with PTEs.

“As a firefighter, I was referred to Jada because of her specialty as a firefighter counselor. She provided thoughtful, patient, guided therapy that helps me achieve greater self-awareness as we work through my depression, anxiety and relationship problems.”


Male, 32 years old, firefighter