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Mental Health Check-ins for Law Enforcement Officers

Law enforcement professions of every type are complex and filled with stressful situations that can be difficult to manage alone. Proactive wellness programs promote solid mental health, enabling law enforcement officers to perform at their best at work, at home, and in the community.


The SAFE-T Act in Illinois requires law enforcement organizations in Illinois to provide law enforcement officers with regular, confidential mental health check-ins.


When law enforcement officers seek behavioral health care, it’s critical to consider their particular needs, preferences, and concerns. With more than twenty years of experience, Jada serves as a mentor, lowering obstacles to treatment and enabling officers to create an accessible, ongoing relationship with a therapist and sound mental health plans if desired.


Mandatory wellness checks take about an hour and review concerns and abilities to cope with job stressors while exploring healthy ways to deal with challenges and set goals.


Wellness checks are not fitness-for-duty evaluations or used to screen for mental health disorders. They are completely confidential and do not trigger a report.


Some law enforcement organizations find that doing these wellness checks as part of a complete wellness program is most effective. Wellness checks conducted off-site promote a more comfortable, safe environment. The fewer on-site meetings, the better. 

A Note from Jada


My mission is to build and support good mental health and happier lives for law enforcement officers and first responders of every kind. I am a staunch advocate for law enforcement officer mental health and a proud ambassador for the Badge of Life, using their researched protocol to educate and train law enforcement about mental health and suicide prevention. I am also a proud member of the Cornerstone Retreat Center advisory committee, where I work to help support first responders during their visits. 



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Jada Hudson

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