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Customized Programs

Fire Department Wellness Programs

Customized Wellness Programs for Fire Departments Across the Country

A firefighter’s work is complex and filled with stressful situations that can be difficult to manage alone. Proactive wellness programs promote solid mental health, enabling firefighters to perform at their best at work, at home, and in the community.


Firefighter Life Safety Initiative 13 says firefighters and their families must be provided resources to deal with emotional and psychological stress.


One-size wellness programming definitely does not fit all needs or firefighters. When first responders seek behavioral health care, it’s critical to consider their particular needs, preferences, and concerns. Jada serves as a mentor to help construct practical and efficient programs that lower obstacles to treatment, enabling firefighters to create an accessible, ongoing relationship with a therapist and sound mental health plans.


Jada works with departments, municipalities, and organizations of all sizes and types to develop effective training programs and plans that support firefighters’ emotional wellness, leadership, and resiliency.


A noted expert in firefighter emotional wellness, a popular presenter at FDIC, and a past presenter at The National Fire Academy, Jada has presented for thousands of first responders all over the country on various firefighter emotional wellness topics.


Author of the book Firefighter Emotional Wellness: How to Reconnect with Yourself and Others, Jada is a regular contributor to Fire Engineering Magazine and Fire Rescue Magazine.


Serving as clinical director of program development for Illinois Fire Fighter Peer Support (ILFFPS) and as a clinical consultant for Operation Shattered Stars (OSS) added more tools to her wellness training experience. The Illinois Fire Service Institute invited Jada to serve on its advisory committee to develop a behavioral health and emotional wellness curriculum for firefighters throughout Illinois.


Based on years of experience and training, Jada develops wellness programs and training geared toward firefighters’ specific needs. These pieces of training spread awareness and strengthen emotional wellness and resiliency for firefighters.

Jada Hudson of Hudson Clinical Counseling
Jada Hudson of Hudson Clinical Counseling
Jada Hudson LCPC, CADC
Firefighter Emotional Wellness by Jada Hudson

A Training Exercise for Your Heart and Mind

Firefighter Emotional Wellness: How to Reconnect with Yourself and Others is a

boots-on-the-ground self-help book showcasing interviews and wisdom from firefighters and renowned first responder wellness expert Jada Hudson LCPC, CADC.

Firefighter Emotional Wellness by Jada Hudson on
Fire Engineering Books & Videos
Jada Hudson LCPC, CADC
A Note From Jada


My mission is to build and support good mental health and happier lives for first responders. I am a staunch advocate for firefighter mental health. As a therapist who puts first responders first, I proudly promote wellness programs that help firefighters live their best lives on and off the job.

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