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Retirement Planning for First Responders

Retirement can bring unexpected transitions for first responders as they grapple with a loss of work identity, traumatic memories, and what to do with the next season of life. Many people have financially planned for this next chapter in life, but most have not prepared for the emotional part of it. Unfortunately, the first responder community often faces other emotional and physical dangers once retirement sets it. These can include suicide, addiction, cancer, chronic illness, PTSD, or divorce. 


Jada helps first responders plan for retirement, examining their goals, new roles, and marriages to maintain emotional wellness in this new and exciting phase of life. As a result, couples can make the most of their new lives with the proper tools.


Jada’s complete retirement planning curriculum is a smart step for first responders with retirement on the horizon. Your retirement will likely see many different roads. Planning thoughtfully for these years is essential to enjoy them with those you love the most. 





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