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Welcome to Hudson Clinical Counseling

Hudson Clinical Counseling is a comfortable and home-like atmosphere for first responders and their families to heal and grow. Jada Hudson, M.S., LCPC, CADC, works to ensure that you are personally taken care of during every aspect of your counseling journey.

Hudson Clinical Counseling offers a unique, personalized service and streamlined system best fitting your life and needs.

Jada is here for you. She dedicated her career to building trusting, long-term relationships with her clients, helping them in all aspects of their lives. Jada specializes in working with first responders, focusing on the demands and effects of their challenging professions.

Jada makes her clients her priority, and it is of utmost importance to her that both her new and old clients understand that she is there for them when they need her, no matter the situation. In the safe environment she creates, you can dive into your troubles and prepare a better future for yourself. 


Serving Wheaton, Illinois & Surrounding Areas

Hudson Clinical Counseling Tour of Wheaton Location
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