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How to Stay on Top of Your Thoughts

During CHP Academy’s Resiliency Training, seasoned officers teach cadets keys to survive the Academy. Since emotional wellness is crucial at every stage in law enforcement, here are a few of their emotional wellness secrets, that you can apply in your job today.

Everyone gets yelled at, but no one is asking you to leave. In the Academy, as in law enforcement work, you face yelling almost daily. High-intensity events trigger chemicals in your body to gear you up for a fight or flight. Fight-ready language is usually harsh. But, even if your peers or superiors are yelling, they still need you to do your role. They are not asking you to leave. They are just asking you to step into action. So, prepare yourself, and don’t let it get to you. It’s just yelling.

Individuals don’t succeed. Law enforcement is a team sport – both in the Academy and in work. You need your peers, and they need you. There are areas where you are strong and can help others. There are areas where your peers are strong and can help you. Letting them help you is not weakness; it’s unity.

Focus on your “why”. In Mike Tyson’s fight against Lester Douglas, Lester got up when no one expected him to. After the fight, people asked him why he got up, and he said, “his mom”. Having a clear “why” are doing your line of work will help you stick it out when it gets rough.

Don’t try to be invisible. Don’t try to fly under the radar. The team around you needs to know your story in order to bond with you. Hiding will only distance yourself from the very people you need in order to succeed in the Academy and in law enforcement. So, be visible! Let them see who you are, and be okay having fun with them in non-threatening situations. It will help you bond!


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Jada Hudson
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