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General Counseling

Jada Hudson, M.S., LCPC, CADC, is a clinically-trained therapist with over 20 years experience. She has her Master’s in Clinical Psychology and has devoted her career to helping her patients heal, grow, and live. As a former high school and college counselor for 15 years, she gained insight and experience in general counseling, as well as personality assessment and academic and career counseling. Jada has also worked in pediatric oncology, dealt with domestic abuse, and sexual assault. She is a Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Counselor. 


As the owner of Hudson Clinical Counseling, Jada counsels adults, children, first responders, young adults, married couples, and senior citizens using client-based therapy. She has recently developed a premarital curriculum and a retirement preparation curriculum. Jada believes that it is always best to be prepared and she is ready to help you heal, grow, and live.

Jada's counseling specialties include:​​​

  • Firefighter Counseling

  • First Responder Counseling

Counseling is a powerful tool for adapting to a life change or managing an emotionally damaging situation.

A few articles from Jada:

Have you experienced conflict with your spouse recently? What if you had the power to diffuse the situation immediately by how you responded? 

How to Listen So Your Spouse Feels Heard

At one time, the school of thought was that people with drinking problems were alcoholics, and the only “cure” was complete abstinence. Today, alcohol abuse is seen as part of a spectrum.

Alcohol Abuse: Is Cold Turkey the Only Way?

What is something you are curious about that you could learn more about? What is something new or challenging you could begin to pursue?

The 5 C's of Successfully Aging

“I came to Jada because I was in a life transition after divorcing my wife and losing my father. I feel I have made huge progress. Jada has provided me with good advice and helped me see things from a much healthier perspective.” 


Male, 37 years old, financial industry

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