Jada Hudson (M.S., LCPC, CADC), is a licensed counselor and owner of Hudson Clinical Counseling. Jada is trained to counsel women, children, adolescents, and firefighters and law enforcement by identifying and exploring areas and issues that need a change in her client’s lives. Using client-based therapies, she empowers her clients with tools and strategies to manage and overcome their struggles to heal, grow and live.  Jada also has specialized training to counsel first responders, who have experienced occupational stress and trauma, including PTSD.


Firefighter and First Responder Counseling in Geneva

Jada has dedicated herself to gaining a working knowledge of the unique firefighter and first responder culture and experience. She offers support and counseling to first responders, who have to deal with an overwhelming amount of emotional and psychological stress related to their profession. Jada has specialized training to counsel first responders, firefighters, police offers, paramedics, dispatch, and other officers. She has worked with patients in an inpatient program for treatment of substance abuse. She is a certified Recovery Coach. Jada was invited to join the advisory committee for the Illinois Fire Service Institute in Champaign, IL.  Jada has also been published in Fire Engineering Magazine and Fire Rescue Magazine. Recently, she was invited to be the Keynote Speaker at The National Fire Academy. 


Counseling for Children and Adolescents in Geneva

Using her 15 years of experience as a high school and college counselor, Jada helps children and adolescents with personality assessments and academic and career counseling.  She also has experience with behavioral and mental health issues and helps her young clients employ tools and strategies to manage their life transitions and overcome hardships. She also has experience in domestic abuse, sexual assault, and grief and loss counseling.


Counseling for Women in Geneva

Jada understands women’s special needs and has a thorough understanding of how they can get caught in a cycle of violence from her experience working in a women’s domestic abuse shelter. Utilizing this training, she helps her clients find the tools they need to manage and overcome their struggles.  Women will learn to identify the areas that need a change in their life and employ insightful strategies to heal, grow, and live.


Jada's counseling specialties in Geneva include:


Behavioral Management & Mental Health




Life & Strategy